Voice-Overload Comics by Jeffrey Kafer

August 31, 2009  |  Articles

As some of my regular readers might know I am a big fan of a few webcomics… like questionable content and sinfest. So it was a nice surprise when I got a Twitter message from Legendary Voice Over Blogger Bob Souer with a link to a Voice Over related webcomic.

The webcomic is put together by Voice Over Talent Jeffrey Kafer using the stripgenerator.com software and is posting them on his voice over blog.

These comic strips are reduced in size. To take a closer look at the comic strip right click on the panel with your mouse and chose view image.

Good job Jeff… keep up the good work

All these strips are copyright Jeffrey Kafer.

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  1. Hey Taji,

    Thanks for featuring my strips here. I’ve moved away from Stripgenerator (for licensing reasons) and simply created my own characters. They live and breath at their own website now: http://voice-overload.com. Thanks for the article!